• Upper River Torrens Landcare Group

    Since 1989, the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group (URTLG) has engaged the Upper Torrens community in local action environmental activities. The objectives of the URTLG are:

    1. To promote and encourage community involvement in catchment management through information sharing, practical demonstration and the implementation of on ground works.
    2. To enhance the natural biodiversity of the Upper River Torrens catchment and adjacent regions by assisting the community to identify, conserve, protect and increase regional native vegetation.

  • Upper River Torrens Landcare Group

    Welcome to the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group (URTLG). We have been engaging the community in Landcare issues in the Upper River Torrens Catchment since 1989.


    The Objective of the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group Inc. is to promote and encourage community involvement in catchment management through information sharing, practical demonstrations and implementation of on ground works.


    If you:

    Live, work or have connections in the Upper Torrens Catchment

    [Mt. Pleasant, Birdwood, Mt. Torrens, Gumeracha or Forreston]


    Have an interest in protecting the land and the environment, native flora, fauna and their habitat?

    Enjoy practical outdoor activities?

    Value your community and how it looks?

    Wish to contribute towards maintaining and improving the Upper Torrens with a sustainability focus?

    Want to share your hopes and thoughts for the future with others?


    Are you a:

    Primary Producer, Hobby Farmer, Student, Teacher, Business,

    Volunteer, Supporter, or friend of the environment?

    Then become a URTLG member today!


    Members are invited to participate in URTLG meetings, working bees and have access to a range of educational material produced by, or held by the group.

    We also have available specialist tools to assist members with their own landcare activities.


    The URTLG Committee will provide an amount of $10,000 to support on ground works for approved applicants for the financial year 2020/21. An Expression of Interest (EOI) form and Guidelines to assist your application can be downloaded.


  • Upper River Torrens Catchment Map

  • Contact Us

    132 Melrose Street
    Mount Pleasant SA 5235
  • Meetings, Community Events and Working Bees

    The Upper River Torrens Landcare Group Annual General Meeting will be held on

    Saturday, 14th November 2020, at 11-2pm at the Gumeracha Civic Centre

    [45 Albert St, Gumeracha SA 5233 at the oval, RSVP needed for catering.]


    Guest speaker will be Adrian Sherriff, a wildlife demonstrator and environmental educator from Animals Anonymous. (See here for more details.)

    Cromer Conservation Park Activities for 2020 to be advised

    Porter Conservation Park Activities for 2020 to be advised


    Please read the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group Newsletter

    Plenty of educational content, hope you enjoy it.

    January 2019 Newsletter

    July 2019 Newsletter

    March 2020 Newsletter

    Next meeting to be advised.


    Woody weed control field day

    Upper Torrens landholders who attended the 'Controlling woody weeds in a watercourse' were given practical demonstrations and tips by local contractor, Jim Donnelly (Greenleaf Contracting) about how best to prioritise and control pest plants in a riparian zone.


    Topics covered during the session: 'Which herbicide?', 'When to do the work? and 'Which control method?'


    A great discussion followed with landholders sharing their own experiences amongst the group. In addition, Caroline Dorr, Water Services Officer (DEW) was able to share some big picture information about water management in the catchment and in addition provided a few facts about the value of environmental flows and the increase in native fish present in our systems.


    If you missed the session and would like some information about controlling weeds in your watercourse, please don't hesitate to contact the Upper Torrens District Officer, Kim Thompson on kthompson@barossa.sa.gov.au or 0438 639 353.

    Rabbit Control Workshop held 9th September 2019

    Josh Rosser, Rabbit Control Co-ordinator, PIRSA led an interested group of Landcarers through the Rabbit Control programme to release the latest Calicivirus (K5) in and around Mt Pleasant. Landholders participated in an intensive 2 hours session to understand the importance of the free feeds and learnt how to undertake a successful release. As with all pest and plant animal control, integrated management is the key, there is no silver bullet, however recent statistics from this latest virus are indicating a 40% reduction in rabbits across the areas of release. Follow up control will be completed late summer with those not affected by K5, treated with Pindone.

    For further information, please contact Kim Thompson on 0438 639 353.


    Below are some photos the preparation of the virus for distribution to local farmers.

    Preparing the virus for distribution





  • History

    The Upper Torrens Land Management Project

    In 1998 the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group formed a partnership with the Barossa Council and the Adelaide Hills Council to form the Upper Torrens Land Mmanagement Project (UTLMP). Since then, the UTLMP has assisted over 250 landowners to improve their properties and income by addressing issues such as: soil erosion, salinity and acidity, pasture establishment and/or improvement, fencing for dams and watercourses, re-vegetation with native trees and shrubs, protection of native flora and fauna, creation of habitat for birds and native animals, and the maintenance of creeks and watercourses.

    Read more?

  • Membership

    Membership is open to:

    • all persons who reside in  or own property in the catchment area or near environs, and
    • a body corporate situated within the catchment area or near environs through the nomination of a single representative, and
    • other persons who have demonstrated interest in the natural environment and catchment.

    Membership is subject to the payment of a membership fee and is due annually in November, coinciding with our Annual General Meeting.


    Members are to abide by the rules of the Group (Constitution is available on request) and to act in the interests of the catchment.


    You can download a membership form here and post to URTLG, PO Box 418, Birdwood, SA 52

  • Publications

    Information Sheet:

    Analysis of green Warm Season Native Grass Pasture


    “Information Sheet: Analysis of Green Warm Season Native Pasture”.

    This discusses the results of feed testing and analysis of native grasses to examine their nutritional values for horses, sheep and cattle.

    (This document will download as a pdf.)

    Produced by the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group

    Analysis data of fresh pasture samples of the grasses used in the Information Sheet above.

  • Volunteers in Action