• Cudlee Creek bushfire recovery progress


    The December 2019 Cudlee Creek bushfires have destroyed over 21,000 hectares, 84 homes and 21 properties.

    As an initial response, the Upper River Torrens Landcare Group (URTLG) committee members began sowing seed into trays to provide replacement vegetation for the affected areas.


    A social media post asking for assistance in the nursery and/or for growers resulted in over 600 emails offering help. Many teachers and school principals also responded wanting to get students involved. This project has grown and offers a practical way for the wider community to support the recovery process for wildlife, habitat and the people who live in these areas.


    A decision was made by the URTLG committee to build an alliance and collaborate with other local “like minded” groups to further develop the Project. The Project's aim is to recreate the habitat which has been destroyed and the participating groups have decided on the following name for the Project:


    "Habitat Recovery Alliance"


    Representatives from each of these groups are working together to continue to facilitate the Farmers Market seedling workshops, to provide support for volunteer growers, and to coordinate later planting activities.

    Planting workshops continue to be held during the Saturday morning Mount PLeasant Farmers Market. If you are interested, please email torrenslandcare@gmail.com.


    In addition, we will soon invite people who are interested in getting some revegetation established on their properties to respond to a questionnaire. This will allow us to assess needs and priorities in order to provide appropriate assistance.


    Collaboratorating groups:

    • Upper River Torrens Landcare Group
    • Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre
    • Cudlee Creek Fire- Garden Recovery
    • Mt Pleasant Farmers Market Inc.
    • Kersbrook Landcare Group
    • Barossa Bush Gardens
    • Seeding Natives Inc.

    Every Saturday at the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market for the month of February (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th), volunteers are getting their hands dirty! They are busy pricking out young seedlings and putting them in tubes to take home and nurture for the growing season until planting time. This community action is a direct response to the Cudlee Creek fires and demonstrates what Margaret Mead said:


    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”